Humanity is threatened by the loss of ancestral memory & the massacre of the first peoples.

  • 50% of the languages are endangered.
  • An average of a language disappears every 15 days.
  • If nothing is done, 90% of the languages will disappear during this century.

Our Seed for the Diversity and the Safeguard of the Languages.

Since the first two years of our movement we have already collected & recorded about 1200 stories, songs, myths, poems, tales, fables, sagas and testimonies in about 95 languages.

We bear the seeds for Human Dignity.


I - Each person is a carrier seed. Since 2009 hundreds of UNITED VOICES have come to read, tell or sing in their own languages and traditions.

II - A WEB RAM is being prepared in order to broadcast these recordings with free access. An ODYSSEY without borders.

III - This INTERN@TIONAL FUND will be inaugurated at the beginning of 2011 and fed as time goes by with new sound files gathered in France and abroad. This International Archives Fund symbolises our FOUNDING TREE.

III - This WEB Site will be widen – as soon as we shall have the financial means – to broadcast videos in sign languages related to myths, tales, epics, poems, odysseys and cosmogonic stories. This Site symbolises the CANOPY

IV - Each human being is a seed tree. In 2011 BEARING VOICES will receive OGM-free seeds in order to guarantee with us the safeguarding of the heritage and biodiversity. Our peaceful fight will take care of LIFE...

V - Each year we shall have new languages through specifications organized between modern languages and endangered languages.

A non-governmental


Inspired by the international call launched by UNESCO, during the publication of UNESCO’s 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Founded in 2009 by Catitu Tayassu.

[+] Who is Catitu Tayassu ?

Tree-woman & memory-woman, bearing an essential seed : « the creation of a movement to reforest Mother Earth. So that a new consciousness can blossom – an ecology where human beings are an integral part of the cosmos – we shall restore Human Dignity and Solidarity bonds and take Collective Responsibility for the Safeguarding of cultural biodiversity and against the Massacre of languages, peoples and ethnic groups».

for the Protection of languages, Peoples and Cultures of Knowledge.

425 people signed the charter.

Be united, make a donation

Support our 1st Rescue Mission in Brazil. Today 190 languages are imminently endangered. Spread your carrier seed... 

Make a DONATION by cheque to the name of the association:

Association Pour la Vie Ailleurs & Maintenant
16, Rue Rollin
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